Ham cheese


Introducing ham cheese (her name) playful but scared of strangers! 😁🐱🐱




How sudden patchy turn from enjoyment to full focus! πŸ‘πŸ‘


Cat Outlaw! Hisss!

Now we come to a serious topic about cat behavior problems.

What are the common cat problems:

Cat poop, scratching on furniture, urine issues. These 3 problems are the more common issues.

First and foremost don’t ever treat it as a problem. Treat it as a cat distress call for help. Since they can’t possibly come to you and speak English to you.

How to tackle:

– cat pooping: when they poop around the house, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1st: is it because of your other cats? Friction cause by your other cats might trigger this. They poop and pee to mark their own area. Something like marking their own area and feel confident about it. They might also do it to distress.

2nd: is it because the spot for pooping is wrong. If they don’t feel comfortable to poop that area, you might have to reconsider.

3rd; remember, it might be some irreleavant stuffs that trigger this. My guess is highly possible because of another cats that have friction or something that break the chain of your cat’s daily routine. So check through it.

– Cats scratching problems:

1st: is your furniture to nice for your cat to scratch on? You might have to change your furniture because cats like to have rough surface to scratch on.

2nd: get some cat furniture: scratching posts near your own funiture, get some rough material when you are buying cat toys, funiture, bed. They can use all these to train their claws. πŸ‘

Hope this helps in your cat problems or distress! πŸ™‚

House Cats~MEow!

Today’s topic is about house cats (domestic cats) !

I believe this topic gives us a wide view on house cats. I prefer calling them house cats as to domestic cats. πŸ™‚

Its not going to be long post (I hope!) and i will keep it as simple as possible for your lovely eyes to read!

Here we go:

  • House cats are good to settle indoors better.
  • Great companion for elderly or kids
  • They wont be as jumpy as outdoor cats, but do get some toys to entertain our little friend once in awhile πŸ™‚
  • They might be able to be train ** (Dont ever EVER force your cat to be train in coming over to you if it doesnt want!) So good luck with that!
  • Might need some grooming of fur (if you dont want to have furs all over the house!)

I will list down just 3 of myΒ favorite house cat choices and explain why it is SO AWESOME to have them around at home!

Types of house cats:

NUMBER 1 British Shorthair (Tabby) : Simple classy fur coat, Friendly cat, Lap cat (if you want a cat to sit on your lap), Quiet, Settle down fast (around 2 weeks tops), Great choice for first timers.




NUMBER 2 Russian Blue (Blue): Affectionate cat, playful, very independent (but they still need your love!), shy cat to strangers, love their owner, might need above average care for its awesome coat. Good for elders, singles




NUMBER 3 Rag doll: I only encounter twice of these little cutie in the shelter in my 3 years of volunteering. But they are active and quiet at times, mostly gentle and calm temperament, active when its play time, do note: full indoor cat please (they are too gentle to expose to the outside world), awesome companion.



I will not post outdoor cats in the near future because i live in Singapore where most of the household are living in apartments. But if you guys want me to write on top 3 outdoor cats / backyard cats, please do comment on this post and i will look into it!

Next week’s topic, What toys / “furniture” to get for our friend? Stay tune!